Some of the Important Facts That Are Associated to the American Flag

By looking into the American flag, one can realize hope, freedom, and also democracy of the American citizens and the whole world in general. It is a flag that has acted as a symbol of peace for more than 250 years for the Americans. These are years from when it gained independence in 1812. There is a lot of info. that is associated with the American flag. Click here for more info. in regards to the American flag. Read more now about the simple facts associated with the American flag.

Firstly, read about the colors and the symbols of the American flag on this website. The American flag was a result of American history and values. There are thirteen white and red stripes in the American flag. This is from the thirteen colonies that help gain independence in 1776 from England. Also, the American flag has a union in the flag that is blue in color at the upper left corner. Also, 50 stars in the American flag symbolizes the number of states in America. Red, blue and white colors in the American flag symbolizes something. The white color is a symbol used to represent purity and innocence. With the read, there is valor that is also known as bravery, and also the blue that represents justice.

Another fact about the American flag is that it has 27 versions. Therefore, having a celebration of the 14th, July to mark the day the official version of the American flag was released. The previous versions of the American flag have thirteen stars placed in a circle. Alternative 13 white and red stripes of the American flag are also found. This current version with fifty stars is the version that has lasted for a long time. This version has an interesting story as it is from a high school student. The name of the student is Robert G. Heft from Ohio and was 17 years old. This was after they had been given a project to do and he came up with the idea. At that time, it was disregarded as not unique by their teacher. Heft’s effort was recognized by President Eisenhower when he noticed the design of the flag. The president loved the design and was introduced officially to America on 14 th July 1960.

Lastly, there was a flag etiquette that was adopted. It was Franklin that adopted the flag code in 1942. The handling of the flag, how and when is what was in the flag code that was developed. To learn more about the flag codes, view here.

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